A dream put into action by 2 sports enthusiasts, Amit Mongia and Sumit Garg took the onus to create world class sports academies in India. They set out on a journey to create something more than just a conventional sports arena. In their quest to change the sporting landscape in India, they were joined by other members at the later stages, and the trio have setup academies for Badminton and Football wherein they provide coaching to 1000+ students of various age groups, training them to be champions and simultaneously ensuring that their training, diet and nutrition are taken care of. Flow intends to be the one-stop shop/hub for all sports enthusiasts across all age groups. Flow offers an all-encompassing experience like no other, right from leisure all the way until training to be a champion. Flow is truly for each one for you, who either are looking to be a champion in their sport, or just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle by playing a sport of their passion.

Flow Badminton came into play as a result of the gap in the lack of professional badminton courts. Flow bridges this gap offering coaching assistance to athletes at our premier state of the art badminton academy in Gurgaon.
The state-of-the-art Badminton Coaching Academy offers:
· 10 Indoor Courts
· BWF Certified Wooden Flooring
· Recommended Lighting and Hall Height

Flow by Barzel Sports was born out of a vision to help aspiring young footballers bridge the gap between where they are and where they wish to be. A data analytical led approach coupled with a strong team and a structured training program assists us in imparting valuable global level training which in turn aids athlete’s level up their skill and be competition ready. In addition, our team of experts appreciate the need for progress and timely scouting, the basis on which athletes are given exposure to local and International level competition that helps unearth talent and allows athletes to succeed at their own pace.


Mr. Amit Mongia


Mr. Sumit Garg




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