About Us

FlowSports is a state-of-the-art Badminton Coaching Academy in Gurgaon with 10 indoor courts, Badminton World Federation certified wooden flooring, recommended lighting and hall height. We intend FLOW to be the hub for badminton enthusiasts across all age groups.

The academy provides competitive badminton coaching and training programs. Whether you wish to play for leisure, train to be a champion, meet sport enthusiasts with shared interests or get fit while enjoying the sport; FLOW has a place for each one of you!

Flow was born out of the aspirations of three sports enthusiasts who had to travel distances to and wait for long hours to play on a professional badminton court. Amit Mongia, Sumit Garg and Abhishek Bedi, They decided to team up to bring a premier badminton academy and fitness arena to Gurgaon.