"Our vision is to provide a proper sports platform for the growth and development of new athletes in our country."



Flow By Barzel Sports has been borne out of a deep seated passion to provide quality professional level Football training to help young athletes to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be in their Football journey.

Backed by a strong team and a structured training program, Flow By Barzel Sports uses a data led approach to impart valuable global level training to our athletes and help them level up their skill.

What's more? We understand the need for progress and provide our students with local and international level competition and timely scouting and exposure so that they can succeed and progress at their own pace.


Mr. CLEBSON DUARTE, Brazilian "A" licensed professional football coach, with 12 years of experience, certified by the SINTREFUTRJ ( Union of Professional Football Coaches of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil), AFC (Asian Football Confederation) and AIFF (All India Football Federation).

He has been coaching in countries of South America and Asia, designing and providing world class football training and consultancy to professional clubs, schools and colleges, Govt. academies and private academies as well, besides several other sports businesses. He has trained and coached people from different age groups, genders, cultural and social backgrounds, providing his classes in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

He has also been training and forming new football coaches, giving them consultancy and courses.
His training sessions have always been mixed with fun and top level professionalism, displaying the dynamic, skill ful, magic and creative Brazilian football style, known as the "Football Jinga".
Along with his team of Coaches, Mr. Clebson Duarte's main objective is to form the best Indian football players of all times, able to represent and honor the great country of India on the international top level football scenario.


Our Football Programme is designed by Brazilian professional football coach Clebson Duarte, an professional 'A' licensed international coach. n Brazilian training methodology.

Flow By Barzel Sports offers training boys and girls from 7 to 18 years old divided in four age groups.

Our unique training program offers :

  1. Fitness conditioning - We conduct extensive structured training sessions to produce a strong mental and physical endurance.
  2. Accuracy of skills and technique - Through our in-depth & structured training our athletes experience and learn skills and techniques that are at par with professional football players
  3. Technical and tactical training
  4. Theory classes, written & practical examination.
  5. Exposure to local and international competitions
  6. Barzel official certificate after conclusion of each level and promotion to a higher one.




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